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We can  help you lawn stay beautiful!Spruce Mix
A very high quality mix of spruce and fir. This comes directly from Vermont and is very much in demand by most of my customers. It is also my favorite mulch. It is considered a brown mulch; however, it is often mistaken for the much more expensive hemlock mulch which is considered a maroon mulch.
Cost: $38.00 per cubic yard

Hemlock Mix
This is also a quality mulch at an affordable price. This is not a pure hemlock. It is a mix of hemlock and spruce and is dye-enhanced to give it its rich, deep maroon look. It is a great alternative to the much more expensive pure hemlock.
Cost: $39.00 per cubic yard

Wood Chips
This is not a high quality product. It is what comes through a chipper during tree jobs and can vary between types of trees and color. This is used as a cost-effective way to cover large areas.
Cost: $18.00 per cubic yard

We can help you lawn stay beautiful!Compost
This is a rich dark soil-like material that is made of organic products such as horse manure, dirt, grass, leaves. These are all aged and mixed together. It is used for vegetable and flower gardens. It is also used to fertilize farm fields and to improve soil structure and adds nutrients.
Cost: $30.00 per cubic yard

This is a quality dirt that has been put through a 3/4 inch screener. It is vigorously screened twice to remove all undesirable materials.
Cost: $30.00 per cubic yard

Compost and Loam Mixture
We can also sell a mixture of compost and loam.
Cost: $30.00 per cubic yard

Local delivery charge for all above products: $25.00

Servicing Mansfield, MA and the surrounding towns of Foxboro, Easton, Norton, Norwood, and Sharon
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Landscape & Tree Services in Massachusetts